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Swimming Programs & Lessons

A variety of swimming programs for Santa Rosa residents of all ages & abilities

Wikiup Swim School/Group Swim

Water safety is our first priority. Our immediate goal is that every child can consistently jump in and return to the wall unassisted. Once a child is ready, we continue development into a beginner stroke. In an atmosphere of patience and fun, our instructors build each child’s self-esteem through repeated success. Wikiup Swim School’s talented instructors make learning fun so students can progress quickly, develop good strokes and love aquatics.
Beginning swimmers are grouped into different levels according to swimming ability. Students are provided opportunities to advance levels by meeting specific water safety and skill requirements. Saturday and evening lessons available.


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Private Swim Lessons

Our instructors can work with every type of student, from those who are apprehensive about the water to those who want to improve their strokes. Personalized, one-on-one attention from a friendly, qualified instructor makes the learning process quick, easy and fun. Private lessons are scheduled at the convenience of family and instructor.


30 minute lesson     $50

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ISR Swimming

Infant Swimming Resource’s Self-Rescue™ program teaches children how to survive if they were to reach the water alone. ISR lessons are one-on-one and customized to the developmental level of each child. Your child will learn survival swimming skills from a well-trained and highly qualified Instructor using principles that have been researched, proven, and tested for more than 45 years.


Monday through Friday
(6 week course)

10 minutes each day

Contact: Megan Witt, (707)495-0119, [email protected]

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Junior Lifeguard Class

The Junior Lifeguard Class focuses on the use of swimming and lifeguard skills. Junior Lifeguards will focus on developing their swimming skills to meet the Lifeguard prerequisites. This class is designed to cover all aspects of a lifeguard’s job. Swimmers will improve endurance and learn life saving skills. Junior Lifeguards will also have the opportunity to shadow Wikiup lifeguards on duty to gain work experience.

Please Note: No lifeguard certification will be given with this program.


Ages 11 – 14

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Group Diving Lessons

Beginner: (Ages: 6-15)
Students must be comfortable swimming in deep water without assistance. The students will learn the basics of competitive diving. They will practice various jumps and forward dives.

Intermediate: (Ages: 8-15)
Students must be comfortable with swimming in deep water without assistance and performing basic dives. The students will learn advanced dives that include twists and somersaults.


Morning Group

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Evening Group

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Private Diving Lessons

Andrew Burke personalizes each lesson to work with students in improving their diving abilities. He gives one-on-one attention to meet the needs of each student. His goal is for every student to learn in a safe and exciting environment. Private lessons are scheduled at the convenience of family and instructor.


30 minute lesson     $45

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Water Aerobics

Take the plunge and try this low-impact workout that builds muscle strength and boosts your endurance. It’s fun, and it can be as challenging as you like.

A water aerobics class typically lasts an hour. An instructor will lead you through a series of moves, often set to music to keep you motivated.

Each water aerobics class includes a warm-up, cardio and strength-training exercises, and a cool down. Expect exercises like water walking, bicep curls, leg lifts, and kickboard moves. You won’t be swimming, and most water workouts are done in the shallow end of the pool.



6:30pm – 7:30pm

Deep Water Fitness

This deep water class is geared to train your cardiovascular system as well as give you a total body workout with no impact. Maximize your potential using a combination of deep water exercises, swim conditioning, pool side strength training, aqua- jogging and fun.

Treading water is the act of moving your arms and legs to keep yourself afloat. Usually people tread water in the deep end of a swimming pool or in deep areas of open water in which they can’t stand.



6:45pm – 7:45pm

You’ll always find the water comfortable because it’s consistently heated to a comfortable 82-85 degrees