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Tennis Amenities

US Open blue courts, stringing services, comfortable setting, and more!

Tennis Courts

Our six professional tennis courts are coated in US Open blue. Enjoy day and night tennis with lit courts available in the evening. Ball machines are always available for use on the courts. Whether you are participating in a tennis program, league match, or looking to play a pick up match with a friend or your child, our tennis courts are readily available and always well maintained.


Basic synthetic gut     $28

Premium synthetic gut     $33
Polysynth gut blend     $33
Prince duraflex synthetic gut (Gauge 16 & 17)     $28
Wilson synthetic gut extreme (Gauge 16)     $28
Wilson sensation (Gauge 16 & 17)     $33
Wilson stamina (Gauge 16 & 17)     $28
Luxilon big banger (Gauge 17)     $33
Ashway monogut (Gauge 17)     $33

Ball Machine Rental

$15 per hour
Members only

$8 per half hour
Members only

Everything you need to play tennis like a pro, while relaxing amongst good company in a comfortable setting